The user experience refers to a person’s feelings and impressions when interacting with products. Creating meaningful and relevant online experiences for your target audience is a key first step in the success of your website, app, or behavior change intervention. Our UX team works to support your users’ needs and your research goals. Together, we can research your users, develop personas and user stories, and/or create wireframes and information architecture to visualize and test navigation. Then, we apply custom design to high fidelity prototypes, test prototypes directly with your target population, and refine your product based on user feedback.


  • Conducted A/B testing for a redesign of PERC, a website providing support to people experiencing prostate cancer and their caregivers

  • Developed user testing guide

  • Observed users interact with two versions of the site menu

Results: Selected menu design, and refined design to fit the needs and feedback of the target audience

Step it Up!

  • Developed user testing guide of Step It Up, a mobile app for a multi-level, community-based physical activity intervention

  • Trained study staff to conduct user testing with 8 members of the target population

  • Analyzed videos of users interacting with prototype

Results: Made design improvements based on user insights into the workings, likes, and frustrations of the app, before accruing development costs


  • Collaborated with researchers to establish and organize web features, ideas, and content for CHAMPS, a web-based weight loss intervention to establish for adults.

  • Worked through web interactions and layout needs

Results: An interactive wireframe that visualized and clarified the website’s structure and functionality for the client, designer, and programmers