With so much competing for our attention, great design makes a critical difference in engaging users. Whether it’s a logo, project branding toolkit, recruitment and presentation materials, or a web- or native-based user interface, we bring the same focus of fresh, clean, and engaging design. We start with understanding the project, its goals, and any particular ‘feel’ that a researcher wants. Then the creative, iterative process begins as your graphics take life. We dare you to not find a little fun along the way!

Healthy Transitions

  • Created logo and branding for Healthy Transitions, a specialty clinic caring for women with diabetes, pregnancy complications, and/or obesity

  • Collaborated with principle investigator to develop a logo that captures the style and approach of the clinic and its services


  • Provided graphic design services for COMET – Comparison of Operative to Monitoring and Endocrine Therapy, a phase III randomized clinical trial addressing low-risk ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS)

  • Collaborated with national team of investigators and patient advocates to create logo, branding, and website user interface that captures the essence of the research / projects image of the project?

  • Designed print materials and coordinated printing for brochures and letters distributed across all participating clinics nationwide

  • Created illustrations for videos, depicting accurate portrayal of complex images with an eye towards diversity and literacy


  • Developed logo and color palette for SCORE - Scaling Colorectal Cancer Screening Through Outreach, Referral, and Engagement

  • Collaborated with the research team through an iterative process to develop a logo that resonated with vulnerable populations in North Carolina.