the beginning

CHAI Core was established in 2000 as a shared resource for UNC researchers. NIH-funded, primary focuses of research are cancer, nutrition, and obesity, with extensive expertise in behavioral intervention research, qualitative research, and digital health intervention development.

growth of chai

The core has grown over the years to support health behavior research, shifting from providing basic informational websites and limited qualitative research support, to now offering a full complement of services to address the complete research cycle. Core services can take researchers from formative work honing research questions to intervention execution to presentation and dissemination of results.

where we work

Our staff collaborates with researchers not only within the cancer center and nutrition obesity research center, but also campus-wide, state-wide and beyond. From UNC to North Carolina, to the West Coast, to Australia and China, we bring our extensive knowledge and focus on health behavior.

future of chai

CHAI Core will continue to stay in step with the ever-evolving world of technology and methodologies to provide researchers with the most effective ways to use these advances to change behavior.