Intervention Subcore

The UNC NORC Center is one of 11 centers in the country funded by the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney

The Intervention Subcore is part of the UNC NORC Clinical & Community Assessment & Intervention Core. The subcore has existed as a part of the NIDDK-funded Nutrition Obesity Research Center since the year 2000. The Intervention Subcore fills a critical gap in existing resources for nutrition researchers by facilitating member access to a broad range of research services related to intervention development and evaluation integrated under one core.

The purpose, goals, and objectives of the subcore are to offer state-of-the-art resources and techniques for the development of high-quality and rigorously-evaluated behavioral science interventions aimed at improving nutrition, preventing and treating obesity, and general health promotion.

Collaborations with researchers have allowed us to hone specific expertise with technology, methods, and tools relevant within the areas of nutrition and obesity. For example, we are experts in helping faculty develop technology delivered interventions and recently using new methodology in native apps such as micro-randomizations, MOST, and online surveys using ADOPT measures. A few example projects include web interventions with Fitbit integration to increase physical activity; mobile apps using ecological momentary assessments and self-monitoring for improving food choices and tracking daily intake; and cognitive interviews with parents of preschool children to better understand services needed for healthy weight promotion in children.

Currently supporting over
in grant-funded projects for over
40 researchers
55+ projects
[Dec 2018]
Currently supporting
outside of UNC,
for example, NIH,
University of Connecticut,
Duke University, Wake
Forest University.

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